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“I’m just some weird lookin’ thing dat shouldn’t even exist”: Seaguy Volume 1

It begins with cheating Death (at chess); it ends with a wink. It’s Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart’s Seaguy volume 1 – the first part of a trilogy Morrison has called his Watchmen.

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Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law: The Kingdom

I hated The Kingdom when I first bought and read the trade all those years ago. It’s really not a bad comic; it’s just very different from its predecessor, Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come was, along with Marvels, Supreme, and a few … Continue reading

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Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker know how to tell a good story, but Gotham Central’s real genius is in its premise: it’s a police procedural set in Gotham City. It follows the detectives of the Gotham police department’s major crimes …

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Some people love Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke. Hilary Goldstein says it’s one of Alan Moore’s best works. Some people hate it. Kurt Busiek calls it “a bad story from an excellent writer,” and Alan Moore himself …

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Much of my discussion of Grant Morrison’s work has been about how he reacts to Watchman and Moore’s take on superheroism. Watchmen is superheroism as tragedy, and its grim, sorrowful understanding of superheroes has become a mainstay of superhero comics. …

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Green Lantern 154-155: "Hate Crime"

We’ve talked about a few superhero comics recently that have tried to treat superheroes confronting difficult, real world problems that superheroes typically avoid. Those cases dealt with animal cruelty, and Chuck Austen with the X-Men and Mark Millar with Superman … Continue reading

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X-Men Unlimited #44: "Can They Suffer?"

Given our look at Superman For the Animals recently, I thought it would be interesting to look at another comic produced in collaboration with the Doris Day Animal League as part of its Comics for Compassion Program, X-Men Unlimited #44, … Continue reading

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Rereading Final Crisis this time around has been a strange experience; I liked it so much the first two times I read it through that I had a hard time seeing much bad in it. But now, as I’m thinking …

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Superman For the Animals was released as a free comic in around 2000 in collaboration with the Doris Day Animal Foundation (a bit on the circumstances here). It has Superman combating animal cruelty? And it’s written by Mark Millar? Sign …

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In Animal Man 5, we start to see a developing sensitivity to the cruelties and horrors creators inflict on their characters. Who is Morrison to write about the adventures and sometimes torturous misadventures of Buddy and his family? Who are …

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