Panel of the Week 5

Maybe I chose this panel because I still have dinosaurs on the mind, but, oh lord, there’s so much to like about Seaguy. In this panel from Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye , Professor Silvan Niltoid, a supergenius and ex-supervillain, shows Seaguy artifacts from the past he has reconstructed. The remains were dug out of the deepest, hardest gum layers. The creature on the left was a cyclosaurus. The one on the right was an autoraptor; it was a fierce dweller in the chewy deserts of the plasticine until the oil it ate to survive ran out. This reconstruction is part of a general trend in both Seaguy volumes of reimagining the past as rather more wondrous and strange than it actually was.

While I’m at it, as is my wont, I’ll throw in another few panels from issue 3. There’s probably ten panels I could have chosen, but I’ll leave it at this. Doc Hero has been infantilized and abused throughout Seaguy volumes 1 and 2. In fact, his abuse at the end of Seaguy volume 1 was one of the saddest parts of the book. In volume 2, his famed helmet – the helmet of Agamemnon, in fact – was earlier taken from him, and he’s become a sad joke. But here, at the end of volume 2, a bunch of average folks have taken shelter in some rides at the Mickey Eye Park before an explosion. When average folks are in danger and counting on him, when some of them are even doubting him, their last chance at survival, he pulls through and saves them. He picks up the rides themselves, looks up, and finally, for the first time since being brainwashed by Mickey Eye, takes to the sky. . .

Death knows he’s lost here. And, even if he no longer has the helmet of Agamemnon, Doc Hero is a hero.

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