Panel of the Week #?

I’ve been doing a horrid job with this blog lately, I know, but I simply haven’t gotten to read many comics lately. Most recently, on a tip from a friend, I checked out Nick Spencer and RB Silva’s Jimmy Olsen. I never would have picked it up in a million years without his recommendation; every Jimmy Olsen I’ve seen over the last couple decades has fallen short, with the notable exception of Morrison’s. Like Morrison, Spencer understands the character: he’s not stupid, boring, or a perpetual squire in distress. He’s cool , and Superman is his pal for good reason. This panel, though, is of Lois, who is pledging to help him find a new girlfriend (it turns out she was lying). She looks strange, even deranged; actually, her look here very much reminds me of something from Young Liars . She’s a character that has rarely been done well either, I guess.

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