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“I’m just some weird lookin’ thing dat shouldn’t even exist”: Seaguy Volume 1

It begins with cheating Death (at chess); it ends with a wink. It’s Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart’s Seaguy volume 1 – the first part of a trilogy Morrison has called his Watchmen.

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Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law: The Kingdom

I hated The Kingdom when I first bought and read the trade all those years ago. It’s really not a bad comic; it’s just very different from its predecessor, Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come was, along with Marvels, Supreme, and a few … Continue reading

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In Animal Man 5, we start to see a developing sensitivity to the cruelties and horrors creators inflict on their characters. Who is Morrison to write about the adventures and sometimes torturous misadventures of Buddy and his family? Who are …

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The middle section of Animal Man is pretty varied in content. It has a few stand alone issues, a few three or four issue arcs, and one big arc that runs through it all. There’s some meta-fictional stuff, a few …

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I had planned on talking about Animal Man in three chunks: the four issues that kick off the series’ reboot; the twelve following issues, which mostly describe Buddy’s adventures with animal rights groups and other superheroes; and then the final …

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In the first part of my Animal Man retrospective, we will consider how Grant Morrison handles Animal Man’s reboot in the first four issues of his run, the original commission for the series.

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Animal Man Rebooted: A Retrospective

Morrison’s Animal Man reboot seemed relatively straightforward when it started; you take an old character, too simple and unproblematized for this modern world of ours, and make him gritty or brutish or screwed up in the head. Alan Moore and … Continue reading

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