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“The crow was sucking cock for a reason”: The Unfunnies

I still read the occasional Warren Ellis book because even if I sometimes find him distasteful or a little lazy in his writing, he usually is still dealing with the kernel of a good idea. I don’t think I can … Continue reading

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Mark Millar is insidious. As I discussed last time, Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis are, I think, pretty up front about hating superheroes, and I feel a kind of comfortable disgust and morbid fascination reading their books about superheroes. Mark …

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Much of my discussion of Grant Morrison’s work has been about how he reacts to Watchman and Moore’s take on superheroism. Watchmen is superheroism as tragedy, and its grim, sorrowful understanding of superheroes has become a mainstay of superhero comics. …

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Superman For the Animals was released as a free comic in around 2000 in collaboration with the Doris Day Animal Foundation (a bit on the circumstances here). It has Superman combating animal cruelty? And it’s written by Mark Millar? Sign …

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