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Panel of the Week 4

My mind has been drifting back to Final Crisis lately, and, in turn, Superman Beyond. In many ways, Superman Beyond is a simpler, bolder, better book that encapsulates the most important part about Final Crisis. Superman and a team of … Continue reading

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Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law: The Kingdom

I hated The Kingdom when I first bought and read the trade all those years ago. It’s really not a bad comic; it’s just very different from its predecessor, Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come was, along with Marvels, Supreme, and a few … Continue reading

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In this entry, we take a look at another weird comic from the Silver Age. It’s from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol. 1 #13, scripted by Robert Bernstein and drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger, and it tells the story of THE SHOCKING SECRET …

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I like nothing more than those crazy short stories that authors like Otto Binder used pack two to an issue. Sure, some of them are terrible, but when you’re dealing with so many, there are quite a few strange gems. …

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The Mighty

By now we’ve seen a few attempts to tell Superman stories. In “What’s So Funny about Truth, Justice and the American Way,” for example, in the face of a corrupt and broken world, he’s been incorruptible and unshakable in his … Continue reading

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Rereading Final Crisis this time around has been a strange experience; I liked it so much the first two times I read it through that I had a hard time seeing much bad in it. But now, as I’m thinking …

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Superman For the Animals was released as a free comic in around 2000 in collaboration with the Doris Day Animal Foundation (a bit on the circumstances here). It has Superman combating animal cruelty? And it’s written by Mark Millar? Sign …

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So, this has been floating around the internet for the last few days, and I’m shamelessly reposting it here: The scene, of course, is from All Star Superman 10 page 12. I have had little luck determining where this originated; …

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What’s So Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

Once you read a few Superman stories, it becomes clear how neurotic the character sometimes can be. For decades, he compulsively hid his identity from nearly everybody he knew and loved, sometimes going to absurd lengths (an issue by Otto … Continue reading

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Look, I didn’t plan on doing things this way. I envisioned writing a three part series on Morrison’s run on Animal Man; then, a seven part series on Final Crisis; and maybe some reviews sprinkled here and there for good …

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